Production and packaging machines.

At Globalquimia LTDA we have a wide variety of production and packaging equipment, suitable for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industries. Professionals specialized in each area will guide you in the design of your production line according to the scope of your project.

We have established strong commercial alliances with associated companies in the sector with which we have managed to position ourselves within this market, providing effective responses to each particular need of our clients.

Solids Division

Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

At Globalquimia LTDA we offer fully automatic encapsulating machines in charge of dosing the powder mixtures into the empty hard gelatin capsules, which are in charge of separating, filling the product and hermetically sealing them, in turn rejecting defective products. Available in different formats from 00 to 4.

Manufactured from stainless steel and pharmaceutical standard GMP grade.

Encapsuladoras automáticas

Semi-automatic and manual capsuels filling machines

For small batches of manufacture of products in capsules, in Globalquimia LTDA we offer manual and semi-automatic encapsulating machines, in all capsule sizes, from 00 to size 4, with easily interchangeable and easy-to-maintain formats, ideal also for areas of development of new products in hard gelatin or cellulose capsules. Our machines take up little space in the production areas, so they are very practical in Master Pharmacy and homeopathic product manufacturing.

Encapsuladoras semiautomaticas

High speed rotary tabletting machines

Our automatic rotary tableting machines are of excellent quality made of stainless steel; large-scale tablet producers and generally applied to the formation of round, irregular or two-color tablets from the fusion of granulated raw materials.

They are very productive, compact, easy to maintain, comfortable, reliable, high performance and low cost machines.

Automatic blíster packing machines

At Globalquimia LTDA we offer an extensive inventory of products and production equipment; among them automatic blister machines or compact plastic and aluminum blister packaging machines with cutting-edge technologies and innovative designs; this machine is ideal for small and medium manufacturing batches, it also stands out for its versatility and easy operation.

Applicable to the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic and food industry sectors.

In our portfolio we have other production and conditioning machines available such as:

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Liquid division

At Globalquimia LTDA we provide our clients with custom production lines with medium to high speed performance and the option of programming fill volumes. We offer cutting-edge technology and excellent after-sales service.

Full  Automatic In-line production bottles  filling system machine

Complete filling, capping and labeling systems for different volumes, which include the automatic filling machine, the capping machine, the labeling machine and the encoder.

This system packages a variety of liquids, from water to various viscous products such as oils or soaps. It is applicable to different sectors of the industry such as pharmaceuticals or food, beverages and spirits.

Sistema en línea de llenado de envases

Ampoule filling and sealing machine

We offer standard and custom model ampoule filling and sealing machines, taking care of the thickness and dimensions of the ampoule neck.

We have specialized technical service and supply of original spare parts or accessories

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Semisolid división

Automatic collapsible aluminum and laminated tube filling and sealing machines

At Globalquimia LTDA we sell automatic rotary, filling and sealing machines for all types of prefabricated collapsible tubes made of materials such as: plastics, laminates and aluminum for pasty and viscous fluids.

LLenadora tubos colapsibles

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